Signage is the way a business projects themselves into the world. Even in this digital age, you cannot underestimate the power of a vibrant storefront to drive traffic into your establishment. There is nothing more off-putting to a consumer than seeing a stock red sign in generic type streaked across the veranda. Make your business stand out with custom signage from Image Graphics Company!

We create signs of all shapes and styles including:

• Metal and Aluminum
• LED Illuminated
• Acrylic
• Plated
• Printed
• Sandblasted Wood
• Indoor and Outdoor

A business cannot exist without a sign. It is the beacon to the community that you are here and ready to serve. Ensure you are sending the right message to match your business with a custom sign. Our designers will work with you to select the correct typography, color, layout, and dimensions to fit your image. Relying on stock sign designs and manufacturers won’t distinguish your store from the crowd. Don’t look like every other business in the strip mall. Create your own unique look with our help.

Custom signage has the advantage of expression not available through other means. Your sign could leave a lasting impression upon the customer, as it is the first thing they see when they walk in, and the last thing they see after a pleasant experience. Put your customers in a good mood as they enter your store and watch your sales improve. You want your business to project an image of success and longevity, and a custom sign is the best way to do so.

Give your business a recognizable face with custom signage from Image Graphics Company in Corona, CA. Our fast and efficient service ensures your sign will be of the highest quality and live a long and happy life out in front of your store. It may be the best investment you ever make! Find out more about our custom signage today!

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